Attic Insulation Expert fully understands the difficulty of getting everything back in order following a disaster. We offer comprehensive restoration projects in every scale and size, including water damage restoration, sanitization and cleaning. You can also call upon us for smoke remediation, fire remediation, mold removal and other disaster recovery solutions.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic we are fully confident that we can provide excellent cleaning services to our customers in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County. Our company observes and strictly upholds a no-tolerance policy in sanitation and disinfection. You can expect the same when we arrive at your doorstep for residential or commercial cleaning.


What’s more, our contractors are fully insured, bonded and licensed, as well as certified to carry out whole house inspections and mitigate damage that’s been done to the property. We can restore it to a pre-disaster state and achieve utmost client satisfaction.


Years of experience have taught us that attention to detail and quality must be provided at all times. Our services are geared towards helping homeowners and business owners get back into a rebuild using industry-proven restoration methods and innovative techniques on a variety of elements, including storm, fire and mold.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is perhaps the most common house disaster in the US. There are a number of reasons how this could happen- it could be due to a burst pipe, a leak in the ceiling, water heater failure, a sudden flood, storms and other natural events.

Regardless of the scenario you can count on Attic Insulation Expert to be there. We have the knowledge, skill and equipment to take care of any and all kinds of water damage.

Once water enters a house it can do considerable damage. Water can be a destructive element and cause breaks, erosion, saturation and more. It can spread from one room or area to another quickly and undo years of careful renovations and home improvement projects.

At Attic Insulation Expert our employees are fully dedicated to restoring the house as it was before the disaster struck. Our company can even assist with insurance paperwork for a smoother process overall.

We are a full-service water damage restoration company that can quickly remediate floods and other forms of water damage in your property. Our services are affordable and yet they’re some of the best in Orange County, Ventura and Los Angeles. We can turn the tides and make your property safe again. We want our clients to get back to their daily lives as soon as possible and enjoy their homes as it was meant to be.

Mold occurs when there’s too much moisture in a surface. Once it sets in your home mold can spread quickly and cause immense damage and health problems down the line. Mold spores in the air reduce indoor air quality and is bad for your health.


To get rid of the mold our professional technicians bring state of the art equipment, including dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to clear the spores in the air. New technology such as moisture readers, infrared and vapor barriers allow our technicians to check for mold levels, find where they are and destroy them.


The combination of mold removal skills and tools allow us to remove fungus and mold growth right from the source and prevent it from spreading any further in a commercial or residential property. If you see signs of black mold or fungus, call Attic Insulation Expert so we can schedule and conduct thorough inspection and cleaning.

Restoration after a fire- or smoke-related event may seem hopeless, but this isn’t the case. You’ll need the help of a professional restoration company, with employees who know what they’re doing.


Smoke and fire aftermath will have ancillary damages, such as soot, odor and smoke. We can take care of not just one, but all of those in the air, walls and vents. Although fire damage may be concentrated in one area the smoke and soot can travel to adjacent rooms and living spaces. When this happens the house is at risk of being coated with harmful dust and compounds.


After a fire, it’s important to start restoration efforts right away. Rather than doing it yourself, you can get back on track much sooner if you entrust it to the experts.


Smoke caused by fire can be potentially hazardous depending on the material. Those who have respiratory issues will find it impossible to stay in the house or commercial property. Smoke is a complex compound with dust, particles, water, organic acids and hydrocarbons that can enter the lungs and stay there for a long time. Too much smoke can cause irreparable damage.


Sometimes it’s not enough to wear a face mask and deal with the smoke damage yourself. At Attic Insulation Expert we have the proper equipment and tools to clear up every trace of smoke damage from your home or business establishment.

Call only the experts for emergency disaster restoration. We are available within a moment’s notice. We can handle everything from burst pipes to restoring your home after a flood or storm takes place.


Our licensed, bonded and insured employees are fully trained to clear up fire, smoke, mold and water in any setting imaginable. You can trust our company to do our best when it comes to restoration efforts.


Work Only with a Certified Restoration Company


Getting restoration work done after a disaster is of paramount importance, regardless of whether it happened in a residential or commercial property.

Air sealing alone will not be good enough to reduce heat or cold getting in the house, as is insulation. We recommend a two-pronged approach, with air sealing done first before insulation is installed. Our comprehensive air sealing service begins with the attic since it’s most likely the place in your home where huge air gaps will be. After that the crawl space and basement areas will be inspected.


Fiberglass insulation may not be enough to stop air leaks, but spray foam can help. Done properly, air sealing can save you up to 50% in cooling and heating costs. Our Insulation and Air Sealing services are guaranteed to deliver the best results.

Improve Home Comfort with Attic Insulation Expert Air Sealing Services

If your house has recently gone through a fire, flooding or other major disaster, call us immediately and we’ll be there right away. Our mission is to have you return to a normal life as soon as possible.
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