Getting a room soundproofed is not an unusual request. At Attic Insulation Expert, we offer professional soundproofing services for homeowners and commercial property owners in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County.

Life can get so busy that all you want is a noise-free environment at the end of the day. Although there are a few ways to minimize noise, calling a company to get it done is definitely better than DIY solutions.

We have worked on soundproofing projects from lawyers, doctors and from people who don’t want to be disturbed by loud external noise. We’ve also done requests from private practices, music engineers and recording studios.

The first thing that comes to mind when soundproofing is noise control. Insulation’s primary use is to keep unwanted heat or cold out, but in this case it can block external sounds as well.

There are many uses for soundproofing a room. Discerning homeowners may want a media room for movies and gaming that can be as loud without disturbing the rest of the family members. Or. soundproofing a bedroom makes for a deeper and more refreshing sleep.

Maybe you wouldn’t want to be disturbed when you’re working at home, or you want a nursery for your newborn baby.

Generally speaking, soundproofing can provide benefits such as reduced impact noise from footsteps and vibrations as well as less noise from neighbors, traffic and external construction.

In some industries it’s important to have a conducive environment for increased employee productivity. A comfortable corporate space will require expert soundproofing from a professional insulation company.


Without soundproofing outdoor noise and traffic become a distraction, and productivity could be significantly reduced.

Soundproofing and insulation can solve all that, even when the office is located right next to a busy highway, intersection or when there’s a nearby construction or roadwork project going on.

At Attic Insulation Expert we install soundproofing insulation with minimal disturbance to your day-to-day life. Our modern techniques and soundproofing knowledge can turn any room or space into one that allows very little sound to pass through. You can be sure that our soundproofing is done with superior attention to detail, and that no component is left out.

A properly installed and engineered insulation system diminishes, and in some cases reduces loud equipment from escaping.

Vibrations produce sound, which travels outwards from its source. It’s small enough that it can pass through tiny holes and cracks. Soundproof insulation should cover every inch of the surface in order to be truly effective.

You’ll need the help of a licensed, bonded, insured insulation company to inject specialized material in your ceiling and walls. At Attic Insulation Expert, our staff can offer years of soundproofing knowledge to provide the best effect.

We give superior attention to detail in all our projects. We take care of insulation matters for homes and businesses from start to finish.

The term ‘soundproofing’ encompasses several applications and material types. Soundproofing is primarily done to block acoustics by way of slowing down noise and absorbing sound waves. The insulation material effectively stops the waves from traveling outside or inside.

By calling Attic Insulation Expert to do the job, customers in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County can look forward to a quieter, soundproofed home that’s conducive for productivity.

As with all our other attic services, our team of experts arrive on site with full protective suits and masks, as well as all the equipment and material needed to carry out a successful soundproofing installation. We strive to complete the project within the timeline specified. There’s no wasted time or delays once we get working.

Our professional staff begins all soundproofing projects with an inspection of how to best install insulation for a room. Strategic holes are drilled in walls, ceilings or flooring. Then, state of the art equipment injects insulation to the cavities or hollow bays in the walls.

Our trained technicians ‘blow’ insulative material to the wall or ceiling so it can better absorb sound waves. We only use the latest hose, pump and machines to insert insulation into the strategic holes.

Your walls will be better at absorbing sound waves and thus, the process of soundproofing is completed. Air pockets and holes that could carry sound waves further into other rooms or inside will have been eliminated.

At Attic Insulation Expert, we use high-grade cellulose insulation material as part of our soundproofing methods. It effectively blocks noise as it passes through and improve the room’s efficiency in terms of energy consumption. Afterwards, outside construction noises, cars, mowers and loud music will have been eliminated or downgraded to a whisper.

Cellulose insulation is green and safe for long-term use, as it’s made from recycled newsprint and treated with anti-flame retardant.

Wall insulation is similar to soundproofing in some aspects. There’s the inspection, drilling of strategic holes and injecting material. In soundproofing however, our technicians will fill in every inch of space to reduce air pockets as much as we can. Using time-honored techniques and equipment our company can insert up to 40% more material than the competition.

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Attic Insulation Expert has years of experience in the insulation industry. In Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County, we are known for producing quality work that lasts.

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