Strong heat from the summer sun can travel from your roof to your attic, which then transfers to other rooms and make the temperature uncomfortable.

A home’s AC unit can cool things down and keep your living spaces from becoming unbearably hot, but then you’ll be looking at a higher energy bill this way.

However, if you wish to stop the heat from entering your home then you can consider having a radiant barrier installed on your roof.

At Attic Insulation Expert, we serve our customers in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura by helping them acquire a suitable radiant barrier. Our professional staff can get it installed in a safe and efficient way in order for home or business owners to reap the most benefits.

Common insulation materials play a huge role in reducing convection heat, but they’re largely ineffective when it comes to radiant heat transfer, such as the sun’s UV rays.


Heat from the sun can be absorbed through the roofing material and make its way down to your bedroom, living room and more. When this happens your AC will have a harder time keeping an optimal temperature.


A radiant barrier is a unique type of insulation that can stop the transfer of heat in materials. Its metallic material reflects heat, thereby reducing the amount that gets inside your house.


At Attic Insulation Expert, our radiant barrier foil insulation is made of 99 percent pure aluminum that can stop up to 97 percent of the sun’s radiant heat. Once installed under your roof rafters you can look forward to as much as 30 degree heat reduction. This helps keep you and your family members comfortable, and at the same time generate a lower energy bill in the process.


Our radiant barriers are rated top-notch in reliability and energy efficiency. What’s more, having them in place ensures consistent temperature throughout the year.


Your AC won’t have to work as hard and you can save a good amount of energy every day.


Radiant barriers are not only useful in the summer days but in the cold season as well. Excessive loss of heat usually result in extreme ice buildup, which can mean disruptive ice dams. A well-placed radiant barrier directly prevents the formation of ice dams and keeps the warmth in to save you money in heating costs.


Radiant barriers can coat a number of household and roofing materials, including air filtration barriers, strand boards, cardboards, plastic films, craft paper and others. The foil layer faces air space and is best installed in the building’s envelope.

Once you realize the value and savings a radiant barrier can provide, it’s time to look for quality radiant barrier installation services.


At Attic Insulation Expert we employ technicians who are knowledgeable and trained about radiant barriers. We use the best materials to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of quality installation and long lasting performance.


Our bonded and licensed technicians follow safety precautions and see to it that the material is installed carefully to keep away from hazards, such as electrical wires. Furthermore, our professional installation wouldn’t cover any vents or lighting so it can perform its best.


We take radiant barrier installation seriously, and arrive on your house with full protective clothing. After a thorough inspection we map out where the barrier would be installed for maximum efficacy. Our services include sealing and cleanup so you can have utmost peace of mind.

Start Saving on Your Energy Bills Today!

Make the smart choice by getting a radiant barrier installed at an affordable price. At Attic Insulation Expert, we make sure you get your money’s worth with utmost attention to detail, professionalism and exceptional service.
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