Proper ventilation isn’t just for living spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms- your home can greatly benefit from having a well-ventilated attic as well.

Homeowners will have less trouble managing indoor humidity, which means a cooler house in the summer and warmer nights during winters.

The process of attic ventilation involves outside air moving in through your attic freely and not getting stuck or stale in one area. This can provide a number of benefits and increases overall comfort for you and your loved ones.

Good roof ventilation can lower energy bills, prevent ice dams, rot and greatly extends your shingle’s lifespan. At Attic Insulation Expert, we know the value of ventilation and for this reason we offer professional attic ventilation services to our customers in Orange County, Ventura and Los Angeles.

We always want what’s best for our customers- a roof that shields your loved ones and the air quality that you and your family deserves. Call us and we’ll be happy to help!


A vent is a controlled opening and it can help in the following scenarios.

It’s not unusual for the roof to become overly hot with the sun beating down all day. The heat enters the attic through the shingles, then gets to the roof deck and the plywood.


Homeowners can assume that insulation can stop all the heat from the outside from entering their house, but this isn’t the case. The shingle will pass the sun’s heat to the insulation and adjacent beams, walls or surfaces. Air heats up inside the attic space and escapes down to the hallway, dining room and even the living room.


Air temperature inside attics can be as high as 180 degrees F and can be hotter than the actual temperature outside. Heat conductivity laws dictate that hot air will gravitate toward cooler spaces, something that a vent can help speed along.


Vents provide an escape for hot air inside the home. It can facilitate a faster exchange of hot to cold transfer so heat won’t get trapped inside. Heat load is then greatly reduced even when the sun is directly above your roof.

Moisture from the bathroom and cooking leads to build-up inside the home. Since attics and windows are closed to keep the cold out, it tends to collect the humidity and put them in the underside of your roof. A phenomenon called attic insulation condensation and roof sheathing occurs.


Damage can also come from mildew growth and wood rot, which means your shingles and roof deck suffer the brunt and lead to premature buckling and warping. The signs should be immediately obvious when you take a look at your attic. However, if left unchecked the accumulating moisture gets to the base structure such as flooring, ceiling and walls, and the resulting repair can rack up thousands of dollars.


At Attic Insulation Expert, we are licensed, bonded and insured to work on attic ventilation, cleaning and more. Customers in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura get top professional attic ventilation services and get their homes ready for the coming summer and winter months.


Ventilation can help bring in fresh air and lower humidity levels, while in the winter warm air will continue to circulate throughout the house. When combined with proper attic insulation you can make a significant investment in your home’s air quality and energy efficiency.


When you’re ready to make the leap, call only the best and most reputable company. Our mission is to provide exceptional attic insulation services, including installing proper vents in your attic.

Signs Your Attic Isn't Properly Ventilated

Ice dams are made of snow and ice that collect along your roof’s edge. They accumulate faster when they undergo a constant melting and freezing process, which is usually the result of poor ventilation. Hot air at the attic melt snow on the roof and force them to form on the edges.


Ice dams are one of the most damaging elements to your roof. Left unchecked, it can affect your home’s interior, including the ceiling, walls and further down.

These organisms need two things- moisture and warmth, both of which are present in a poorly ventilated attic. When it begins and thrives eliminating it entirely becomes a difficult (and often expensive) concern.

The proliferation of mold can cause unwanted health issues, particularly respiratory problems. In this case ventilation will allow the attic a constant breath of fresh air and take away the mold spores out the house.

It’s a classic sign of having too much humidity and moisture. Once you start noticing paint blister then it’s time to address the concern as soon as possible. Examples of indoor air moisture include clothes dryers, showering, cooking and similar activities.

To ferry out air moisture a good source of ventilation is needed. Your home’s roof and attic are good places to start- have a professional work this out and you’ll have solved the problem.

Improper ventilation will cause indoor heat to stay in the house for longer. During summer months, this becomes more noticeable. Poor ventilation will produce hot and uncomfortable spaces and makes your HVAC system work overtime. When the unit is strained it leads to greater energy usage and therefore, a higher energy bill.

Attic Ventilation in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura County

To get expert attic ventilation, trust only the professionals who can get the job done properly and won’t overcharge you for it. Call Attic Insulation Expert and acquire the benefits of optimal ventilation in your attic.

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