Stagnant and non-existent airflow in the attic can lead to a number of problems, including excessive condensation in the winter and unbearable heat in the summer. Air conditioners will have to work harder to maintain the proper temperature, and in the colder months dangerous ice dams are more likely to form on the gutters. Indoor moisture is also dangerous to your health when left alone- mold from rotting wood significantly reduce air quality and cause various health issues for you and your family.

Attics can be designed from the ground up to provide good circulation, but what about existing ones? The best scenario is that soffits and vents carry away hot air and keep the attic dry and free of moisture. However, not all Orange County, Ventura and Los Angeles homes have this ideal aspect, and homeowners continue to see rising energy costs each month.

Solar technology has many useful applications, including attic fans. When properly installed, you can enjoy the benefits it offers and more.

At Attic Insulation Expert, we maintain and install attic fans in LA and the surrounding cities. A fan installation in your attic can make a huge difference in energy efficiency and comfort. The exhaust makes it easier to cool or warm your home depending on the season. Our professional technicians are always on hand to make your residential property more energy efficient.

A fan can be used to make a living space more comfortable. An attic fan works the same way as a vent, only that it plays a more active role.


The fans mechanism works both ways. The heat that builds up inside the space is sent out, and temperate outdoor air gets in. Your air conditioner or HVAC system will have an easier time maintaining optimal temperature.


Fans are generally installed in gabled walls or roof slopes, and most of them can utilize solar power properly. Technicians can make the fans controllable by thermostat, allowing greater control on when it’s turned on or off. After the initial costs, a fan will save you money in the long run via lower energy consumption.


Did you know that cooling your house with an unventilated attic will make you spend 20% more in energy bills? At Attic Insulation Expert, we can add humidistats and thermostats so you can make the most of your attic fan investment.


Solar and electric attic fans are the best of both worlds. They can work on their own (using solar power) or be controlled whenever there’s a need to dissipate the heat coming from the roof. Without it, attics can reach a temperature of 150 degrees in the hottest days. Fans can move hot air trapped in the attic using a constant stream of air flow, as well as excess moisture from getting to the walls and floor.


Electric fans are good for control but a solar powered one installed in the gable wall or roof can save you more energy. It can be said that solar is the future as they can be more effective, quieter and more efficient when it comes to protecting your house.


No matter your preference, attic fans should be connected to firestat and a programmable thermostat, which means they will automatically shut off when there’s fire. If possible, choose all-metal instead of plastic, as well as mesh screens to keep small insects and bats from getting into your attic.

Does your attic get stuffy and unbearably hot during the summer?


Do you notice your air conditioner working overtime?


Do the upper floor rooms have a significantly higher temperature?


Do you have trouble dealing with ice dams?


Do you see signs of moisture and mold in the attic?


These are just a few signs that prove you need attic ventilation.

Improve Home Comfort with Attic Fan Installation Services

At Attic Insulation Expert, we can help you get your home attic space properly ventilated with the right attic fan solution. Installation is done promptly and with attention to detail so you and your family stay comfortable even when temperatures fluctuate during summer.

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