Attics are almost like an afterthought when it comes to utilization. Too often they’re just used to store things that end up dusty and forgotten.

However, an attic is an integral part of a home’s energy efficiency and integrity. When left to decay, an attic can lead to a higher energy bill, aside from attracting unwanted animals and becoming the source of bacteria, mold and mildew.

At Attic Insulation Expert, we offer quality attic cleaning services that will restore your attic to an energy efficient space. Furthermore, we can sanitize and make it safer, as well as keep out animal infestations.

Get thorough attic cleaning in Orange County, Ventura and Los Angeles today.

Why You Should Clean Your Attic Regularly

Over time, an attic can develop holes and cracks where air, rain water and dust can come in. Damaged ceilings and walls can produce unwanted conditions.

It’s important to sanitize and clean your attic regularly so you can eliminate the following:

Contaminated attics are breeding ground for bacteria and mildew, as well as spores and germs coming from nests and rodent urine and feces. When an infestation occurs the particles could rise up in the air and migrate to other parts of your house.


An attic can become home for rodents and insects when it’s filled with junk. Decontamination becomes a necessity to restore clean air and remove health concerns that can prove to be deadly.

Bacteria is a culprit of bad odor, as are mold and mildew. Sanitization done by professionals, such as what Attic Insulation Expert offers can thoroughly eliminate all traces of dead animals and their excretions.

A clean attic that’s also fully insulated is a good look to home buyers. Things can quickly go south when upon inspection the buyer discovers a dirty attic that’s full of holes and rodent waste.

Moisture can quickly destroy your attic’s insulation and lead to a higher energy bill due to your HVAC struggling to maintain optimal temperature.

Call Attic Insulation Expert for Your Attic Cleaning Needs

Residential and commercial properties in Ventura, Orange County and Los Angeles can turn to Attic Insulation Expert for help with cleaning their attics. We promise a clean attic by the time we’re done. Our work dedication and attention to detail means there won’t be any remaining waste or signs of rodent infestation, thereby guaranteeing absolute peace of mind.

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