When it comes to saving precious home energy, there’s nothing that can beat attic and crawl space air sealing.

Attics and crawlspaces are often ignored when property owners are aiming to save money in home improvement. However, they are the two most important areas of the house that determine you and your family’s safety as well as overall energy efficiency.

Insulation plays a big role in keeping your house comfortably warm or cool during the winter months and summer season, respectively. Adding air sealing to the mix tops up energy efficiency in the best way possible.

The reason for this is simple. Even if a house has good insulation air can still leak through. If you suspect an air leak then it’s best to contact Attic Insulation Expert and have us thoroughly inspect your crawlspace and attic.

You can turn to our professional staff to carry out a comprehensive air sealing service and improve your property’s condition.

Air Leakage Explained

You may have heard about insulation and crawlspace cleaning as services that can immediately improve air quality, but what about air leakage?

You often hear the word ‘drafts’ come up in home conversations, and in this case they’re the same as air leaks. They do not generally originate from windows or doors but rather the unusual spots- in your crawlspace, walls, basement or attic.

Air leaks aren’t solved simply by closing any open window or door. They don’t temporarily affect the indoor temperature either. Over time, homeowners may be left wondering why their energy bills are rising even with proper insulation in place.

Having air leaks in your house is equivalent to having an open window. All those tiny cracks and gaps can accumulate and become a 2′ by 2′ window, where precious hot or cool air comes out. Not only are you wasting precious electricity but you’re also leaving your indoor air quality to chance. Pests can also get in this way.

Insulation may not be enough to completely seal your home from the outside environment and keep the indoor temperature stable. Imperfections over time or the formation of cracks and holes can significantly lessen its usefulness and benefit.

At Attic Insulation Expert we service properties in Orange County, Venture and Los Angeles and bring comprehensive air leak inspection and air sealing solutions to those who need it.


We find air leaks accurately by using the latest air leak detection equipment and tools. A blower door kit, made up of a pressure pan, manometer, hoses, fan, shroud, smoke pencil and frame is the primary equipment of choice. It takes years of knowledge and training to use them properly, something that we have plenty of.

Air leaks commonly occur in these areas:


– Bath fans

– Loose or unsecured basement windows

– Sump pumps

– Chimney passes

– Crawlspace or basement rim joists

– Recessed fans and lighting

– Wiring and plumbing penetrations in ceilings, walls and floors

– Attic drop-down stairs, doors and hatches

– Plaster or drywall holes, gaps and cracks

– Electrical switches and outlets

– Exterior doors and windows


Generally, air leaks can appear in the crawl space or attic’s plumbing, air duct and electrical penetrations. They’re commonly found in pipes and wires, as well as recessed lighting and ceiling fans. Technicians usually drill holes on the floor or ceiling to install them, and they’re made bigger than what’s necessary.


We recommend these gaps to be sealed first as they’re the biggest contributors.


Once we arrive our staff will check insulation that are dirtier than others, which can mean outside air is flowing in and bringing all sorts of environmental particles such as dirt, dust and debris. If an insulation appears to be more worn down then it’s a clear sign that a substantial amount of air is entering your home from there. Furthermore, our staff will inspect for wood rot and see if there’s moisture, and signs of rodents so we can track their entry points.

There are several possible solutions to plugging air leaks inside the house. At Attic Insulation Expert we will inspect your home thoroughly to determine the size and scope of the air leak problem.


Air sealing pertains to usage of products such as air barriers and spray foam, as well as weather-stripping and caulking. These work well enough to disallow air from coming through doors, windows and cracks. In the event that we discover a wide gap, such as those in basement windows we use one-part foam gun to plug it in one go.


The most common air sealing procedure utilizes silicone or caulk in the attic for crevasses and small holes, and insulation replacement for bigger air leak concerns. In situation where rodents are also getting inside the air leak then we use hardened foam, wire mesh or steel wool to block air and the pests as well.


At Attic Insulation Expert our goal is to protect our customers while doing our job. Our sanitation measures include wearing full body protective gear as we work. We also install plastic containment curtains through attics for safeguarding purposes.

Air sealing alone will not be good enough to reduce heat or cold getting in the house, as is insulation. We recommend a two-pronged approach, with air sealing done first before insulation is installed. Our comprehensive air sealing service begins with the attic since it’s most likely the place in your home where huge air gaps will be. After that the crawl space and basement areas will be inspected.


Fiberglass insulation may not be enough to stop air leaks, but spray foam can help. Done properly, air sealing can save you up to 50% in cooling and heating costs. Our Insulation and Air Sealing services are guaranteed to deliver the best results.

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