Property owners often leave out their HVAC’s ductwork when it comes to maintenance.

Leaving it neglected for too long, however will have an adverse effect on the HVAC’s performance and your family’s health.

The air ducts serve as passages for distributing cool or warm air from the unit to the vents. When it gets blocked, develops holes or becomes compromised, efficiency drops and sometimes the air may not even reach the rooms.

Attic Insulation Expert offers Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura duct repair and replacement services on all HVAC units. Our commercial and residential duct repairs are affordable, and more importantly, can get your HVAC running in top shape.

For peace of mind of an optimally working air duct, call Attic Insulation Expert for a routine inspection. Our professional staff will come down to check for duct problems and see if it needs a repair or replacement.

Signs You May Need Air Duct Repair or Replacement

Typically speaking, ducts can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years as long as they’re installed properly and made from premium material.

Homeowners and property owners will also want to take advantage of newer materials that have higher safety and efficiency ratings. An upgrade can mean upfront costs but it’s a worthy investment and you can benefit from it in a number of ways.

This can mean that the air passing through the air ducts have collected dust fragments and pollen, among others.

As your air ducts deteriorate so do the air quality in the house. Over time the problem could get worse or lead to asthma attacks and respiratory issues.

Poorly insulated and connected ducts will lead to mold and mildew problems. These two form when warm air travels to the cold ducts, which is then passed down to the vents and into the living spaces in your house.

Not only does mold and mildew affect you and your family’s health, it adversely affects your furniture, walls and roof as well. If you suspect this then it’s best to have a ductwork inspection carried out by a professional as soon as possible.

When air ducts are compromised the HVAC system will have a harder time delivering cold or hot air throughout the house. This results in a higher electric bill and becomes more costly as time goes by.

All those wasted energy will make your cooling or heating system work harder and may shorten their lifespan if this is left unfixed. A noticeable spike in your monthly bill is a definite sign that something is wrong with your ductwork. A professional can confirm if this is so with a quick inspection.

Some noise is to be expected when the HVAC is running, but it shouldn’t be too loud that it disrupts peace. When your unit starts to produce rattling sounds, or when you hear air escaping through the ducts then it’s a clear sign that you need to consider a replacement.


Vents are connected via fiberglass or plastic joints, and when they get damage the result is a whistling or ratting sound. For holes or cracks in the ductwork, getting it fixed is of utmost priority, or else you’ll be losing much-needed heat or cold and your energy bill will be affected as well.



Attic Insulation Expert is well-versed in detecting these signs. No matter the reason of the air duct problem, we can have it fixed in the soonest possible time. In some cases a whole duct replacement isn’t needed, as our professional staff will only need to fix one or two pipes. In other instances, a quick cleaning, seal or insulation is all that’s needed to get your air ductwork working like new again.


We make sure all air duct issues are resolved so you can have peace of mind knowing your HVAC components are working as intended.

Most ductwork concerns can be handled with a professional duct cleaning or routine maintenance. However, if your HVAC and duct system is old then it may be better to have the ductwork replaced entirely.


A replacement can resolve indoor air quality issues that have been plaguing you or your family for the longest time. If the ductwork is too small for the HVAC unit, or if it’s rusted or worn through then it’s a sure sign that you will need to contact a reputable company for restoration.


Incidentally, if your HVAC unit does not meet modern ventilation requirements then a replacement could be the only solution. To this end you can enjoy a more efficient cooling and heating if the ductwork is made for optimal conditions.


There are a lot of factors that determine an immediate replacement. Sometimes it’s as obvious as a broken pipe, or as fundamental as an incorrect air duct size.


For any reason, it’s best to call a trusted and knowledgeable duct service company in your area. At Attic Insulation Expert we serve customers in Orange County, Ventura and Los Angeles and bring our expertise to the table. Our knowledgable staff can quickly find out what’s wrong with your current ductwork system and recommend the best solution to get it under control.

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At Attic Insulation Expert we bring high quality air duct repair and replacement services at an affordable price. Our staff is trained to pay attention to even the smallest details to accurately diagnose the issue and come up with the best solution.
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