The outside world is full of viruses, bacteria and harmful organisms that can be detrimental to one’s health. Today, it’s not unusual for homes and offices to have the same level of air pollution, micro-organisms and others.

Indoor air quality is a vital factor for you and your family’s health and well-being. A single sneeze or cough can introduce airborne viruses that can linger on surfaces for hours. If you’re not careful, these can spread through contact and via commonly held objects such as doorknobs, fridge handles and countertops.

The ongoing pandemic has taught everyone a valuable lesson when it comes to being careful. Before, we thought that our homes were relatively free from molds, viruses and things that can make us sick.

At Attic Insulation Expert our licensed, bonded and insured work staff are trained to handle all kinds of air contaminate concerns around the house. Our company has a variety of earth- and people-friendly cleaning products so only viruses, VOOCs and bacteria are affected.

Get Complete Attic Cleaning in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura

We at Attic Insulation Expert offer services such as rodent-proofing, attic cleaning, insulation repair and replacements and more, all in an effort to make your home as safe as possible for its inhabitants.


Our professional attic technicians conduct a full attic inspection and outline the best solution for a clean and energy-efficient house. In line with that, you get the following benefits:

Residents in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County can still contract COVID-19 even if they did not set foot outside their properties. The culprit is usually the indoor air quality. Organisms, bacteria and viruses can get inside not just through doors and windows but in living spaces, attics and vents. A single cough from an infected person can linger for hours and make you more susceptible. Furthermore, it can circulate via HVACs and air leaks to living spaces.


Poor ventilation will usually lead to upper respiratory infections, constant eye, nose and throat irritations, headaches, sinusitis and even heart disease. Those who have pre-existing allergies, respiratory conditions and the elderly have a higher risk of contracting coronavirus compared to other people.


You can stop COVID-19 and other deadly viruses dead in their tracks by having a professional attic cleaning company arrive and use potent disinfectants that effectively kill up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria, micro-organisms and of course, COVID-19.

Bats, rodents and spiders can come in through the cracks and holes in your attic and make their home there. Once you notice unusual debris, droppings and gnaw marks then it’s best to schedule an attic specialist as soon as possible.


Don’t wait until you or your family member get sick and take an active stance today. Rodent droppings and urine pose serious health risks, and a DIY cleaning is not recommended.

Attics usually accumulate dirt and dust over time. The particles spread when disturbed to living spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms and the living room.

Most of the time it’s a compromised attic insulation that’s causing the problem. They won’t be as effective when there’s too much moisture or dirt. Homeowners who have HVACs operating in their attic will need to undergo special measures to keep their indoor air quality acceptable. Thankfully, the Attic Insulation Expert can help you breathe freely by thoroughly cleaning up the attic and replacing the insulation if need be.

We at Attic Insulation Expert have 100% work compensation and will arrive at your doorstep with full protection gear and environment-friendly cleaning products.

Depending on the service, we will find and fix air leaks, cracks and holes in the attic and insulation, replace it with a better material or clear out the rodents and their waste. Afterwards, you and your family can look forward to a home that’s free of disease, mold and viruses.

Aside from that, you can enjoy benefits such as better indoor air quality, improved energy efficiency and a lower energy bill month to month.

Professional Attic Cleaning, Insulation and Rodent-Proofing Done Right

Seek only the best attic cleaning help in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County. Call Attic Insulation Expert today!

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